Gabriel Luiz’s boyfriend makes an emotional post: “I know he will get out of this”

Lucas Machado, boyfriend of Gabriel Luiz, 29, editor of TV Globo stabbed by two young people in the Southwest on Thursday night (14/4), used social media to regret the episode and say he is confident in the journalist’s recovery .

Gabriel Luiz delivers a note to the medical team. See what he wrote

“This week since we met was the first time I woke up without a ‘good morning’ message from you that made my world a better place. I am a witness to the light that you are and the love for life that you have. I look at you and I know you’ll get through this. I am and will always be by your side. I love you,” wrote Lucas.

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The journalist had a good time on his fourth night in the intensive care unit (ICU) of Hospital Brasília, in Lago Sul. According to the Wide Angle column, from the metropolisesthe editor is less agitated and responds well to treatment.

The young man was hit by at least 10 stab wounds, hitting the neck, abdomen, chest, arms and leg. He was rescued, first, at the Hospital de Base, where he underwent surgery, and then he was transferred to the private hospital, where he remains hospitalized.

See Lucas’ post:

The journalist was extubated over the weekend, and has been talking ever since. Accompanied by a physical therapist, he has already walked through the hospital corridors.


The Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) arrested the two suspects of having attacked Gabriel. The criminals were taken to the police station on Friday (15/4), less than 24 hours after the crime. The corporation confirmed that the case is an attempted robbery.

In a press conference, delegate Petter Fischer Ranquetat, from the 3rd Police Station (Cruzeiro), said that José Felipe Leite Tunholi, 19, and his partner, 17, saw the journalist as a potential victim and decided to rob him.

When they approached Gabriel, the teenager applied a rear naked choke – a blow that consists of squeezing the victim’s neck with his arms –, while José Felipe delivered at least 10 blows with a white weapon. The pair fled with the victim’s cell phone and wallet, with R$250. Later, they took the money and discarded the object on the street, as well as the journalist’s smartphone.

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