In lockdown, Shanghai records first 3 deaths in new wave of covid-19 – 04/18/2022

The city of Shanghai has recorded the first three deaths from Covid-19 in the current outbreak that has put the city under intense confinement for more than a month, authorities said on Monday.

“The three people worsened after admission to the hospital and their deaths occurred despite all medical efforts,” the city said in a post on social media. The victims were two women aged 89 and 91 and a man aged 91 who already had chronic health problems such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Due to intense control since the beginning of the pandemic, the Ômicron variant only arrived in Shanghai about a month ago. And, as in other cities around the world, the spread of cases was rapid and intense. On average, there are more than 20,000 infections a day.

As China adopts a “zero case” policy, Shanghai has also been put into the system of primarily doing localized lockdowns in outbreak areas. However, with the spread of infections, all 26 million residents had to go into confinement and can only leave their homes with authorization for basic needs, such as shopping for food or medical care.

Before those three deaths, China had tallied two deaths on March 19 in Jilin province, also the target of an outbreak, after going more than a year without recording any deaths from the disease.

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