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Not even the iPhone 14 has been announced, but unofficial information is circulating that the upcoming iPhone should debut a new camera system periscopic camera system in 2023. According to a recently released report, the Cupertino giant would be powered by components made by LG Innotek and Jahwa Electronics.

The technology, dubbed the “folded camera,” is nothing new in the smartphone world. It is present in cell phones such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra (Samsung), which has a 10x optical zoom lens. The iPhone 15 is expected to achieve similar results to what is offered by the South Korean rival.

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How should the periscopic camera on iPhone 15 work

Samsung already adopts a periscopic camera system in the Ultra version of the Galaxy S22 — Photo: Reproduction/Samsung

The report that deals with the “folded camera” on the iPhone 15 reveals details of how the technology works. The project describes the use of prisms to reflect light, as well as slightly more spaced lenses than the conventional one, giving the set the ability to capture high quality images with a powerful zoom.

The new set works differently from the current telephoto lens used on current iPhones. That’s because the model used for the new periscopic system would use a rolling spherical guide method to move the lens during the image stabilization process, which would make the control more precise than the spring method adopted today in Apple cell phones.

It is not yet known what the new zoom capability of Apple’s future smartphone would be, but something between 5x and even 10x is expected, which would put the iPhone alongside models from brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi.

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Jahwa Electronics had already announced last month an investment of more than US$ 191 billion (about R$ 890 billion) to expand the company’s facilities in order to produce new models of lenses. Last year, Apple professionals visited the company’s optical image stabilization (OIS) module factory in South Korea. It is believed that the company will act as a supplier of these components.

Novelty should not appear on this year’s iPhone 14, only on iPhone 15 in 2022 — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

LG Innotek must be another manufacturer involved in the process of building the new photographic arrangement. The company would be quoted to receive Jahwa’s OIS actuators manufactured at the new facility. With this, Apple would dispense with the current suppliers to make room for LG, which is in a very favorable position in relation to the refinement of technology.

As usual, Apple has not commented on any of the information. The brand’s next cell phone should be the iPhone 14, scheduled for September 2022 without the technology present in Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra. If the rumors are confirmed, the periscopic lens should arrive only the following year.

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