Israel shoots down rocket launched from Gaza, warns Jordan of rising tensions in Jerusalem | World

Israel’s armed forces shot down a rocket that had been launched from the Gaza Strip on Monday, the Israeli military said.

No group in Gaza claimed responsibility for the rocket launch. According to Israel, the Iron Dome system intercepted the artifact.

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This was the first such attack in months. Israelis and Palestinians are in dispute over a sanctuary in Jerusalem.

The location is the Al Aqsa mosque. The site is also revered by Jews, as there are vestiges of two ancient temples.

  • Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police leave 152 injured in Jerusalem

Since Friday, the site has been the scene of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli riot police. At least 152 Palestinians and eight police officers were injured in the mosque area during Friday’s clashes, medics said.

Palestinians accuse Israel of invading Al Aqsa during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month. Israel says Palestinian protesters want to disrupt Muslim prayers for political purposes and to prevent visits by Jews, who are now celebrating Easter.

Ceremony in Jerusalem on April 18, 2022 — Photo: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Jordan has custody of the sanctuary

Al Aqsa is in custody with Jordan.

Jordan’s King Abdullah told UN Secretary-General António Guterres that Israel’s policy in Al Aqsa seriously undermines the chances of peace with the Palestinians.

Jordan also summoned Israel’s interim ambassador (this is a way diplomats use to criticize another country).

Further stepping up the rhetoric, Jordan’s Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh told the country’s parliament: “I must praise those who are hurling stones at the Zionists who desecrate the Al Aqsa Mosque with the protection of the Israeli occupation government.” .

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made a video address following al-Khasawneh’s statement. “I take seriously the statements blaming Israel for the violence we are being subjected to. Some are encouraging the throwing of stones. This serves as a reward for the inciters, especially Hamas, which wants to ignite violence here in Jerusalem.”

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