New US arms shipment arrives at Ukrainian border – News

A high-ranking Pentagon official said on Monday, who did not provide anonymity, that new shipments of weapons from the United States had begun to arrive at Ukraine’s borders to be delivered to the country’s army.

“Four flights arrived in the region from the United States yesterday, with various equipment,” the official announced.

A fifth flight is due to arrive within the next 24 hours, “which will make five flights in an equal number of days” since the president Joe Biden announced, last Wednesday (13), a new military aid of 800 million dollars (R$ 3.7 billion) for Ukraine, he stressed.

Although the operation of the equipment is not very different from what the Ukrainian Army is used to, these cannons use 155 mm projectiles, the same used by NATO countries (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), while Ukraine only had 152 mm projectiles, made by Russia.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the first shipment arrived 48 hours after Biden authorized the aid, an “unprecedented speed”.

Kirby also said that the US military deployed on NATO’s eastern front since the beginning of the Russian invasion will begin, “in the next few days”, to train Ukrainian military in the operation of M777 Howitzer cannons, the last generation artillery pieces that the United States has delivered. for the first time to the Ukrainian Army.

However, training will take place outside Ukraine, explained Kirby. “A small number of Ukrainians will be trained in the use of Howitzers and will soon return to their country to train their colleagues.”

In turn, Russian forces are beginning to feel the effect of sanctions on their weapons supply, in particular guided missiles, according to the senior US Department of Defense official.

The sanctions “had an effect on the ability to [o presidente da Rússia, Vladimir] Putin to resupply and retool, in particular with regard to the components of his precision guided missile systems and missiles,” he said.

On the other hand, “we know that [os russos] they strive to retool their own defense industry and wonder at what speed and to what degree they can accelerate arms production,” he added. “Sanctions have an effect on their ability to do that.”

The most modern weapons use electronic chips whose main producers are Taiwan and South Korea, two US allies that have stopped exporting these products to Russia, in line with sanctions enacted against Moscow over the invasion of ukraine.

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