Putin honors military division accused of massacre in Bucha

Day 17/4 - Galina Bondar at the grave of her son, Olexander Bondar, at Bucha Cemetery

Day 17/4 – Galina Bondar at the grave of her son, Olexander Bondar, at Bucha Cemetery

photo: Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the 64th Independent Motorized Marines Brigade with the title of “Guards” this Monday (18), echoes the Russian media. The group is believed to be responsible for the massacre of hundreds of civilians in the Ukrainian city of Bucha.

In the published decree, the president praises the military for their “heroism and tenacity, determination and courage” of the group and for having “protected the homeland and the interests of the State”. The group dominated for more than 30 days the city, which is about 25 kilometers from Kiev and which returned to Ukrainian hands on April 1.

Since the official troops returned to the scene, a scene of horror was revealed, with civilian bodies dumped in the streets, mass graves with dozens of bodies and reports of rapes of women and children. Many of the bodies bore signs of torture, were killed with their hands tied, or were mutilated or burned.

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Putin denies the allegations and says Russian troops did not kill civilians in Ukraine, as well as accusing Kiev of setting up a “false scenario” in the city to cause commotion in the international community.

Last week, members of the International Criminal Court (ICC) went to Bucha to carry out investigations into the Ukrainian allegations and pointed to signs of war crimes. According to the latest official update, published on April 12, 403 civilian bodies have been found.

Already this Monday, the city’s mayor, Anatoly Fedoruk, highlighted that one in five residents who did not flee from Bucha during the occupation was murdered.

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