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One of the suspects in stabbing journalist Gabriel Luiz, 29, said in a statement to the Civil Police that the decision to commit the crime came shortly before the attack and that he obtained the knife used in the aggression with a friend, who was not involved in the stabbing. . The testimony of José Felipe Leite Tunholi, 19, is included in the investigation conducted by the 3rd Police Station, located in Cruzeiro. To the investigators, he gave details of the moments that preceded the stabbing of the TV Globo journalist and also reported having gone to a friend’s house so that the partner who also participated in the attempted robbery could change his blood-stained clothes. THE R7 had access to the document.

José Felipe told the police that he met with two friends “for a review at SQSW 504”, in the Southwest. One of them is a 17-year-old suspected of participating in the crime and who was also apprehended. At first, José Felipe told the investigators that “they used alcoholic beverages and drugs”. Afterwards, he said he “did not use drugs.”

The statement also states that, during a conversation with the teenager, José Felipe spoke “about committing a robbery”, but that he “didn’t have a knife or a firearm”. In view of this, he and the teenager decided to go to the house of another friend – not involved in the crime -, around 11 pm on Thursday (14). In the vicinity of the property, which is also in the Southwest, José Felipe asked for the knife, but, according to the report, he did not say what he would do with it. The friend went up to the apartment, took the object and said goodbye to the duo, according to the statement.

Then, according to the incident report, José Felipe and the teenager headed towards a supermarket to “start the robbery”. He reported to the police that he saw the journalist near the establishment and decided to follow him, along with the teenager.

In the statement, the suspect reports that he “approached him and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt”. Faced with the victim’s reaction, José Felipe “took the knife and started stabbing him so that he would stop reacting”. He said he stabbed him “until he stopped” and that “when he fell” they took the victim’s “cell phone and wallet”.

teenager stabbed

Also in the statement to the Civil Police, José Felipe said that he realized that “at the time of the confusion he ended up stabbing the leg [do adolescente]”. In view of that, they ran. On the way, “he took the money and threw the victim’s wallet on the floor” and, further on, he saw that “the cell phone was an iPhone” and got rid of the object for fear of being tracked.

The testimony continues with José Felipe telling that the friend who lent the knife helped the injured teenager and that, at the friend’s residence, the minor “changed his clothes, because he was all bloody”. Afterwards, José Felipe went home. Upon learning of the repercussions, the following day, he “took some money that was at home, around 565 euros”, and intended to hide in Paracatu, Minas Gerais. However, he passed by Praça do Gavião, in Cruzeiro, where he was approached by civil police officers and taken to the police station.

The friend of José Felipe who lent the knife was not indicted by the police, but ended up being heard by the agents.

remember the case

TV Globo Brasília journalist Gabriel Luiz, 29, was attacked near the building where he lives, in the Southwest, as he was heading home after leaving a supermarket last Thursday night (14). The suspects stabbed at least ten stab wounds to the left leg, abdomen, chest and neck of the victim, who suffered heavy bleeding.

After the blows, the journalist managed to run to the building where he lives and ask the doorman for help, who called for help. Gabriel Luiz was taken to Hospital de Base, where he underwent surgery overnight. At that moment, the victim’s condition was serious but stable. After the procedure, on Friday (15), Gabriel was transferred to a private hospital in Lago Sul.

According to a note released this Sunday (17) by the health unit, “Gabriel Luiz remains stable and accompanied by his family. He remains hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Hospital Brasília, with no expected discharge”.

In the video below, from a security camera, it is possible to see two suspects following the victim as he crosses a parking lot in the region. This is the 19-year-old arrested and the under-17-year-old apprehended, identified by the police less than 24 hours after the crime, investigated as an attempted robbery, robbery with death.


Minister Gilmar Mendes, of the Federal Supreme Court, called the attack on the journalist an attack. “I receive with indignation the news of the attack — still unexplained — against journalist Gabriel Luiz. Gabriel vocalizes the demands of communities in the DF, doing deep and serious investigative journalism. I wish the professional full recovery”, Mendes wrote on social networks.

Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) also used social media to comment on the attack. “My solidarity with TV Globo reporter Gabriel Luiz, 28, who was stabbed last night in Brasilia. In the crowd for his speedy recovery. I hope the crime is investigated rigorously and those responsible are punished,” he wrote.

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