Science finally has an answer for the “few” killed by Covid in Africa

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THE Africa it’s the continent poorest on earth and the conditions of health there, in the vast majority of countries, it is total precariousness. when the Covid-19 pandemic began, in the first months of 2020, the expectation of experts in the medical and scientific area was that the number of deaths it would be thunderous in the region. But time passed and the information that arrived was of few deathscompared to other places on the planet.

With a pandemic year, many sanitarians is huge range of scientists started betting on theories that even did some senseespecially when data were cross-referenced with human characteristics and geographic from the continent. This is how it came to be believed that the lowest average age of Africans could be related with the smallest number of dead, since most of the fatal victims in the world were composed by elderly. The weather predominantly hot also served to feed one of the theories, since viral respiratory diseases don’t find in the heat a good environment for propagation.

However, an in-depth study carried out by boston universityin the USA, in partnership with scientists from University of Zambiaheadquartered in Lusakacapital of the country, proved that the explanation it was anotheranything encouraging: a gigantic underreporting.

A team of scientists led by Christopher Gillan expert in infectious diseasesalready worked in a morgue from Lusaka since 2017 and with that there was more easily to register death data in the Zambian capital during the pandemic period.

While Europe recorded 2,390 dead for each group of one million inhabitantson the African continent this index was 184 for every millionalmost 15 times any less. In fact, what happened there was a small number of diagnoses. The team of scientists went on to test the deadto really know than they had died and if this information matched the death certificate official. To get an idea, in one of the samples, 372 dead were tested and 19% of them gave positive for coronavirusi.e, 70 people were victims from Covid, only just six of them had been diagnosed in life and received such information as cause of death in your certificates.

From then on, it was just expand the number of tests and the number of samples to realize what error It was common in all the groups of cadavers tested. The researchers also noticed that all age groups were affected by the disease and that 80% of deaths occurred in people under 60 years oldwhich reveals a frightening death rate among those who were not the common target of the disease.

For Gill, such a reality, seen the resemblance in sanitary structure it’s from public health in other african countriesCertainly repeatedas in cities like Nairobi, Cairo or lakeswhat play on the ground all the theories that hitherto placed Africa as a place “more immune” to the devastating Covid-19.

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