Shelter’s oldest dog gets a birthday party to celebrate his 23rd birthday

Bully is a Chihuahua puppy who was born in 1999, and has seen many historical events that he probably doesn’t care too much about. And when the puppy recently turned 23, his caretakers celebrated with a birthday party he’s sure to remember.

The pet spent the first 21 years of its life with an amazing family, enjoying the company of its humans, playing outdoors and running in the park. But when his elderly owner could no longer care for him, the Bully was sent to The Mr. Mo, a project that rescues elderly dogs, run by Chris Hughes and his wife.

The former owner described Bully as a “big dog in a small dog’s body”, and Chris quickly discovered that despite his advanced age, the dog hadn’t changed one bit. “Bully is naughty, sweet, independent, gentle, calm and has an old man bark,” Chris told The Dodo. “Even at his age, he likes to try and push another one of our Chihuahuas.”

puppies walking
Photo: Playback/The Mr. Mo Project

Canine Party Day

For Bully’s birthday party, the Hughes family decorated their home in honor of the little dog. As a gift, he got the two things he loves most in the world – treats and a nap. “He really likes to sleep, so this is the best gift to give him,” said Chris.

sleeping dog
Photo: Playback/The Mr. Mo Project

According to the couple who own the shelter, they make all older dogs feel special by having parties to celebrate every possible event with them. “We try to celebrate all the great things that happen in our house because there are often not such great things that happen,” Hughes said.

“We celebrate when dogs finish their chemo treatments, birthdays, adoptions and we already had Christmas in July when we thought someone couldn’t make it until Christmas.”

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