WhatsApp: New feature for sending files and sharing profiles

THE Whatsapp intends to launch two resources soon that promise to make life easier for its users. The first concerns the display of an estimated time to download or send files in conversations and the second is a new method of sharing profiles inside and outside the app.

The information was released by the specialized website, WaBetaInfo. Regarding the estimated time to send or download a file in the conversation or group, with the new feature it will be visible to all users, both those who are sending and those who are receiving.

It is important to inform that the Whatsapp also intends to increase the maximum file size by twenty times. Messenger users in Argentina are already able to send and receive media and documents of up to 2 GB. So far, the upload limit is 100 MB in Brazil.

Profile sharing

Another novelty refers to the option to replace the QR Code with a button with an icon to share profiles. The intention is to make it more accessible, next to the user icon. By clicking on it, it will be possible to share a short link on Whatsapp.

However, if you prefer, the user can copy it to send the contact address using another application, such as by direct message on Instagram, for example. The goal is to make access to sharing profiles more practical.

However, it is important to inform that both features are not yet expected to arrive to users of the stable application. Before anything else, the Whatsapp should fix the possible issues with the features in the beta version.

New version of WhatsApp is not well accepted

THE Whatsapp provides a web version so that users can access their accounts from their computer. Although the option often makes people’s lives easier, the system does not always work as expected.

At the beginning of April, many users complained on their Twitter accounts that the browser messenger was slow, even after the messages appeared, the history of what was sent before on the cell phone was not there.

According to the company, the problems are related to the new feature that allows the simultaneous connection of the same account on up to four devices. The tool has been implemented gradually since last year, but this process has impacted users.

How WhatsApp Web works

Before the new feature, the cell phone acted as the main device so that it was possible to access messages from the computer. It was as if the mobile device only “mirrored” the content.

However, now, all you need to do is sync your cell phone data with the message history for other devices. Thus, it is possible to access the information without needing the smartphone.

“When an add-on device [computador] is linked, the main device [celular] encrypts a packet of messages from recent conversations and transfers them to the newly linked device.

In short, it is as if the new device received a “pass key” to download, decrypt and store the information that is on the cell phone. Thus, after processing, the computer erases this key, but remains connected to the message history.

“Other data requires more than an initial transfer from the phone,” the company explains on its website, without detailing what that data is.

However, it is important to note that the messenger uses the synchronization method, used when an update is made by cell phone, such as when a new contact is added, a conversation is silenced or a message is marked as a favorite, in addition to providing the option of stickers or stickers.

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