Why are some people not infected by Covid-19?

With more than two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, many questions have already been answered. However, some still hang over the heads of the population. One of these unanswered questions to date is very simple: why are some people not infected by Covid-19?

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Although it has probably already crossed the minds of the whole world, this question intrigues scientists from all over the world who focus great efforts on understanding the reason for this super immunity seen in some people.

There are two main theories to explain this issue. The first raises the hypothesis that these people who are not contaminated already have antibodies capable of fighting the new coronavirus in their body’s memory.

This is because the coronavirus, the virus responsible for Covid-19, also has several other subgroups that are responsible for the flu that society already knows. In this way, those people who have already been infected by the flu in their lives end up “unintentionally” developing protection against Covid-19.

Why are some people not infected by Covid-19? Credit: Corona Borealis Studio/Shutterstock

The second theory points to some human beings who have inside their cells a substance capable of destroying the invader, in addition to destroying any cells that have been infected by the invader, preventing infection.

Several studies explain both theories, but they all return to a key issue: genetics. There are people who were born with certain genetics capable of preventing infection by Covid-19.

The researchers are now looking to prove these genetic issues to even be able to develop new vaccines capable of neutralizing Covid-19 in ways different from those already known.

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