Woman arrested on suspicion of trying to sell human kidneys on Facebook for sky-high prices

A woman identified as Marielys del Carmen Yedr, who lives in Venezuela, was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of advertising the sale of human kidneys on Facebook.

The Venezuelan government’s attorney general, Tarek William Saab, gave details of the case on Twitter and said that the woman charged up to $20,000 per organ. That is, the amount charged was approximately R$ 94 thousand.

“After making publications in which he illegally offered a kidney worth 20 thousand dollars on the Marketplace, it was determined to search for one of the people who made this type of offer”, explained the prosecutor in his personal profile.

At the time of the arrest, the advertisements of the organs were found on the suspect’s cell phone, proving that she was really involved in the crime.

The prosecutor also informed that the local Public Ministry started an investigation to find out if she was acting alone or if there is a criminal network behind all this.

Before the arrest, Venezuelan rescuer Delmiro de Barrio had already gone viral, last Friday (15), denouncing to followers images of the ads he found on social media.

Among the offers he found, he even had “a 15-year-old girl’s kidney in perfect condition”.

Also according to the rescuer, there are several posts available on the platform selling kidneys. And the worst part is that they would only be removed when reported.

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