Woman falls under train in Argentina and survives; watch video – 04/18/2022 – World

A 24-year-old woman fell onto the tracks of a train station in Argentina as a vehicle arrived at the scene, but survived with few injuries. The case took place about two weeks ago in the city of González Catán, according to the newspaper Clarín, and the images went viral after the state-owned railway company released the video.

The young woman, identified as Candela, reported having had a drop in blood pressure, according to the Argentine publication. She said she tried to ask someone in front of her for help, but ended up falling towards the tracks. In the images, it is possible to see her staggering, alone, until she falls into the gap between two wagons and, subsequently, between the platform and the train.

As it was arriving at the station, the vehicle was already traveling at a lower speed. Right after Candela fell, he stopped. The video shows people rescuing the young woman, who later left the platform in a wheelchair and was taken to hospital in the city in the province of Buenos Aires in an ambulance. She remained hospitalized for 12 days, with multiple traumas, and has since been discharged.

Among the injuries he suffered are a broken rib, which caused liver problems, a severe bruise on his head and hearing loss in his left ear, according to the Argentine portal TN.

Added to the picture is the loss of consciousness at the time of the fall. To the channel C5N Candela told not to remember the episode. “My blood pressure dropped and I passed out, so you can see in the video that I’m staggering until I fall,” she said. “I remember saying to a gentleman, ‘Help me, I feel bad’ and then I found myself lying on the floor with a lot of people around. What happened in the meantime, I don’t know. I saw it in the video.”

To the TN website, the young woman also said that she has suffered from fainting since she was 15 years old, although these episodes are not frequent. After the case at the station, she stated that she must have a battery of tests and start treatment.

She claimed not to understand how she survived. “From what I saw in the video, I believe I saved myself because the train was already braking and it occurred to me to fall between two cars. C5N

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