56-year-old man dies after getting out of car at automatic car wash

A man in the Californian city of Escondido, in the United States, died at age 56 after getting out of his car during an automatic car wash operation. He tried to get out of the vehicle and got stuck in the machine, which ended up killing the victim.

The information is from NBC TV, according to which a preliminary investigation points out that the man entered the car wash and, for an unknown reason, tried to get out of the vehicle.

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“The vehicle then rolled forward, trapping the man between the car and machinery. Apparently, the car wash had not been activated at the time of the collision.”

It is not known the model or make of the machine in which the man was trapped – he was driving a 2014 Scion xB. Police also told the “New Yprk Post” that the machines were not turned on at the time of the accident.

The car alarm went off and stayed on for 30 minutes before another customer arrived and called the police. It is not known why the vehicle advanced and arrested the man, since the car wash does not have a conveyor belt: the driver is responsible for commanding the vehicle.

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