56-year-old man dies after getting out of car with car wash in operation; case intrigues the police

The community of the city of Escondido, in southern California, was shocked by the unusual death of a man last Friday (15). Police were called to an overnight incident after a customer was trapped between his car and an automatic car wash.

According to information from People magazine released today, authorities released a note explaining that the 56-year-old victim was no longer responding when agents arrived at the scene. “He was stuck between a 2014 Scion XB [modelo de carro] and a part of the car wash machine. The preliminary investigation indicated that the man entered the car wash and, for an unknown reason, tried to get out of the vehicle.“, they shared.

The establishment provides the car wash service, but it is all controlled by the drivers themselves, which left even more doubts in the officers responsible for the investigation. “The vehicle rolled [na esteira] forward, trapping the man between the car and the machinery.”the statement detailed, noting that it did not appear that the car wash had been activated when the collision occurred.

2014 Scion Xb Angularfront
Victim was in a 2014 Scion XB model car. Photo: Disclosure
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The man was only found when another customer arrived at the place to use the washing service. However, the Escondido Police Department found that the equipment’s security alarm had been going off for about 30 minutes. Officers managed to get the man – who has not yet been identified – from the car wash and took him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. An investigation to try to determine why the victim got out of his car and what led to his arrest is ongoing, according to NBC Los Angeles.

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