6 celebrities who keep in good shape through functional training

When it comes to taking care of your health and keeping in good shape, the possibilities for training are numerous. All you need is willpower and a lot of determination. For those who are not adept at weight training in gyms, Functional training can be a great alternative. The practice has even become the darling of many celebrities.

Actresses like Giovanna Antonelli, Nathalia Dill and Fernanda Souza are some of the examples of celebrities who found in functional training, a way to keep the body fit with more dynamic activities and without the use of traditional weight training equipment. This is because this type of training can be performed with more dynamic accessories, such as rubber bands, balls, ropes, suspension tapes, cones, among others.

To inspire you, entertain gathered in a list, 6 celebrities who are adept at functional training to keep in good shape. Check out:

Giovanna Antonelli

The 46-year-old actress is often seen exercising on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The result of the famous’s training can be seen in the body she flaunts in her photos on social media.

In the images below, for example, you can see Giovanna Antonelli performing her functional training using balls, elastic bands and a kind of bag. To practice physical activity, she had the help of a personal.

Giovanna Antonelli performs functional training on the beach (Photo: Dilson Silva/AgNews)
Giovanna Antonelli performs functional training on the beach (Photo: Dilson Silva/AgNews)
Giovanna Antonelli performs functional training on the beach (Photo: Dilson Silva/AgNews)
Giovanna Antonelli performs functional training on the beach (Photo: Dilson Silva/AgNews)

Natalia Dill

Another actress who is adept at functional training is Nathalia Dill. The famous intensified the practice of physical activities after the birth of her daughter, Evein December 2020. In the photo below, you can see the artist using a kind of elastic band in her workouts.

Nathalia Dill does functional training in Rio (Photo: AgNews)

Fernanda Souza

To keep the body healthy, Fernanda Souza also usually performs functional training. In an interview with Gshow, the famous made it clear that she prefers this type of physical activity as an alternative to weight training at the gym.

“Currently, I train every day. I like to do a functional bodybuilding workout, but not gym ones. I usually train at home with the CrossCore, a device where you use your own body weight to work your muscles with a rubber band or ball. In the intervals I do active rest, which is nothing more than you moving. I can shoot the treadmill, jump, jump, in short, anything to keep from standing still.”he explained.

Fernanda Souza (Photo: Dilson Silva/AgNews)

Carolina Dieckmann

Owner of a youthful beauty and a very healthy body, actress Carolina Dieckmann, 43, also does not give up functional training. Whether at home or at the beach, she is always exercising and showing off her great physical shape.

Carolina Dieckmann

Larissa Manoela

Between recordings, Larissa Manoela is also another famous person who usually performs functional training on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

“I’m always alternating training and adjusting to my work schedules. Physical activity has always been present in my life. And the main reason for this is that I discovered a great pleasure in practicing activities that I chose”she said in an interview with Boa Forma magazine.

Larissa Manoela (Photo: Fabricio Pioyani/AgNews)

Danielle Winits

At 48 years of age, actress Danielle Winits exudes beauty and good shape. The healed body of the famous is also result of a healthy diet and training routine, which includes the functional.

Danielle Winits

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