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Solution for thousands of people around the world, buy a magnetic mattress with massage and far infrared

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In the world, 85% of people suffer or have suffered from back problems. Prevention is important, as is regular physical activity and fighting overweight, but one of the most important measures to be taken immediately is to change mattresses.

After years of studies, the industry has managed to unite ancient health care and cutting-edge technology in mattresses that use invisible magnetic waves to trigger blood circulation, improve blood pressure and balance the body. It’s the end of problems like herniated disc or parrot’s beak.

Another advantage is the coupled infrared technology, which reproduces the beneficial sun rays, preventing muscle inflammation, in joints and nerves. In addition, they are mattresses that reinforce immunity and relax the muscles to the maximum, with up to 50 massage movements activated by remote control.

Campo Grande News - Real Content

Therapeutic models are holy medicine for the spine, also because they spread the body weight evenly. It has progressive density and maximum comfort to avoid wear and tear on the body during sleep.

They support up to 400 kilos without deforming, because they are produced with polyethylene in the structure. They even have foam and special fabrics that wick away moisture, so they are 100% anti-mite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. In addition to the anatomical surface, the models are isothermal.

The result is a truly restorative night, including energy replacement.

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All Relax Life models have these therapies attached, in addition to fair prices and exclusive promotions, as they negotiate directly with the factory. For this reason, the company won the respect of consumers throughout Brazil.

Start now to transform your life, with more mood and without body pain! Come to one of the Relax Life stores and take your magnetic double mattress, with massage. from R$1,590 in 12 interest-free installments of R$133.

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Write down the addresses of the top sleep specialists in Mato Grosso do Sul:

store 1 – Rua Moreira Cabral, 233, Vila Planalto, on call from Monday to Sunday until 8 pm. Telephones: (67) 99845-1650 – çhame here / (67) 3222-8139. See how to get there!

Shopping duty – Our team is also available from Monday to Sunday at Shopping Norte Sul Plaza, at Avenida Presidente Ernesto Geisel, 2300, Jardim Jóquei Clube. Look çhow to arrive!

golden – A Relax Life also has a store in Dourados, at Rua Iguassu, 2360, in Jardim Santana (See how to get there).

Learn more about product benefits Relax Life exploring the Instagram.

Campo Grande News - Real Content

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