Company wants people who died to remain ‘alive’ in the metaverse – 04/19/2022

Imagine being “alive” after you die by having your consciousness data transferred to a digital world. This is part of the idea behind Amazon Prime Video’s “Upload” series, and serves to illustrate what the Somnium Spacevirtual reality company, wants to do.

The company claims to be developing a system called “live forever” (live forever), which will allow anyone to have their expressions and voice collected so that algorithms can recreate, based on this data, avatars within the metaverse that will act as if they were the person in real life. are from Vice magazine.

For Artur Sychov, executive president of Somnium Spacehis dream is to make people able to chat (at least online) with loved ones who have died.

How did the idea come about?

About five years ago, Artur Sychov’s father was diagnosed with advanced cancer. Doctors informed him that he would have little time to live.

Sychov’s fear, according to the report, was that his young children would not have the chance to create memories with their grandfather. That’s why he decided to invest in developing solutions so that such experiences could be softened with technology.

Below you can see an example of how the virtual environment of somnium space It’s:

How can it work?

The idea is that the person who wants to “live forever” in the metaverse allows the company to collect their personal data, body/facial expressions and store information from conversations held on the digital platform.

An artificial intelligence system will control and use this volume of information to create a virtual character that will be able to reproduce the appearance, voice and personality.

“If I die — and I have this data collected — people or my kids can come in and they can talk to my avatar, to my movements, to my voice,” he said.

For Sychov, the technology can be so advanced that perhaps in the first 10 minutes of talking to the avatar, a person may not even realize they are talking to an AI. “That is the goal.”

“The amount of data that we could potentially record about you is probably of the magnitude of, I would realistically say, 100 to 300 times more than when you’re on a cell phone,” he added.

THE Somnium Space partnered with Teslasuit (not related to Elon Musk’s Tesla) to develop a full-body touch-sensitive suit for use within virtual reality technologies.

The idea is that people who wear the clothes can feel touches and reactions generated from the digital environment. At the same time, the suit will collect user data (such as heartbeat).

One of the company’s advantages is that its platform already has compatibility with virtual reality headsets, which helps in a greater 3D immersion of the experience within the metaverse.

On the aspects of privacy and power in the face of the high volume of data of individuals that the company will have to create avatars of real people, the executive stated that he has no interest in the money and that the information will not be improperly marketed.

“We are a decentralized world,” he said. “We don’t want to know your name. We don’t care who you are,” she said.

People who want to opt out, adds the executive, will have the option to turn the “eternal life” function on and off. You can also ask the company to permanently delete all data.

The solution is to wait to find out the developments of this idea, which, for now, still seems far from becoming a reality.

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