Deathloop: Sony and Microsoft deal, will be on Xbox Game Pass according to an insider

Via Reddit, a well-known leaker – rockagent – ​​has leaked some new information about Sony’s strategy. Among other things, he indicated that the Sony and the Microsoft have a I agree to deathloop, the timed exclusive on PlayStation consoles created by Arkane, a team now owned by Xbox Game Studios. The game is expected to come directly to the PlayStation Plus Premium and to Game Pass after the exclusivity ends.

Specifically, the leaker states: “Sony has made a deal with Microsoft to ensure that Deathloop is a PS Plus Premium game, once the exclusivity is lost it will come to PS Plus and Game Pass”. Rockagent’s words are a bit generic: “an agreement with Microsoft” it could also be an inaccuracy and it’s possible that Sony signed a deal with Arkane from the start to have the right to publish the game on their subscription service, but not in an exclusive format.

For now, anyway, it’s just speculation. Sony is certainly betting on its PlayStation Plus subscription. For now, however, we must take it all as a rumor and nothing more.

It’s a bit of a strange information as after a year, the exclusivity would drop, and it would go to Xbox Game Pass anyway. Unless in the contract Sony forbade Arkane to close with Game Pass. Certainly, if this is real, we will have more details on this story going forward.


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