Drier and colder weather in DF requires attention and health care

posted on 04/20/2022 06:00

  (credit: Minervino Júnior/CB/DA Press)

(credit: Minervino Júnior/CB/DA Press)

The dry season is coming to the Federal District. Brasília residents should be careful with low humidity and sun exposure during the period, in addition to paying attention to common respiratory diseases at the time of year. The weather in the capital is hot in the afternoon, but at night and in the morning temperatures drop and there is little chance of rain. The sky has few clouds.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), this Wednesday (20/4), the maximum temperature can reach 31ºC. The minimum is at 15ºC. The relative humidity of the air will vary between 30%, in the hottest hours, to 90%, in the coldest period. The sky will have few clouds. According to Inmet meteorologist Cátia Braga, the weather will remain like this until next week. “This weather condition remains at least until the 26th,” she says.

Mamedes Melo, meteorologist at Inmet, also reports that this condition is due to a dry air mass, a phenomenon associated with warmer and less humid periods. “This mass acting on the region prevents the formation of clouds that form rain, which directly affects the relative humidity of the air”, he explains.

Inmet meteorologist Heráclio Alves points out that April is one of the last months that it still rains in the DF, before the drought. “It is still a month that is inserted in the rainy season. The normal volume in the month of April is already much smaller than March”, he highlights. “The dry season really begins to enter, especially from May, when it will be that driest period. Some rains are not ruled out in the next month, but it is the period in which rains are usually much scarcer”, evaluates the meteorologist. .

At this time, Brasilienses who wake up very early begin to suffer from the cold in the morning. “Autumn is a transition season. At the beginning, it has more characteristics of summer, with high temperatures and rain showers. In the second half, there are more characteristics of winter, that is, lower temperatures, drier period and little rain. At night and in the morning, due to the low cloud cover, temperatures drop very quickly, and during the day they increase. When winter approaches, it doesn’t rise as much and the climate gets drier with low humidity”, explains Heráclio .


Infectious disease specialist Hemerson Luz explains that, at this time of year, when the air is colder and drier, it is more loaded with particles, which causes a greater propensity for respiratory diseases. “With cold weather, the respiratory mucosa is more altered and it is easier to inflame and retain particles. People who are prone to allergic diseases have more symptoms”, he emphasizes, noting that the main diseases of the period are: the common cold , flu, sinusitis, pneumonia, rhinitis, asthma and otitis.

In addition to these diseases, the doctor assesses that covid-19 also enters this group. “It’s becoming an environmental disease, and when it’s colder, people tend to gather indoors to protect themselves and there can be greater transmission,” explains Hemerson, noting that both the flu vaccine and the covid-19 vaccine are important to reduce the complications of more serious conditions that may occur. “That period of waiting 14 days between one vaccine and another is not necessary, you can take both on the same day, except for children who can wait 15 days”, concludes the infectologist.


– Increase hydration, ingesting more water, natural juice and coconut water;
– Eat light meals with lots of fruits and vegetables;
– Avoid physical activities in the hottest hours of the day;
– Skin and lips can also suffer from low humidity. Use moisturizers to help;
– Hydrate the skin;
– Avoid sun exposure;
– Use sunscreen;
– Physiological serum helps in the hydration of the airways.

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