Elden Ring’s ‘Let Me Solo Her’ player immortalized in new mod

A lone player eager to help other players defeat Malenia has become a rage in Elden Ring and now you can feel a little of that feeling through the mod, available on Patreon from youtuber Garden of Eyes.

‘Let Me Solo Her’ is something of a legend among the Elden Ring community and its status is so galactic that it has been immortalized in a mod.

When players started to come across a player who only wears a pot on his head on his character, he quickly became something of a legend. Seeing a practically naked character wanting to face Malenia alone was something of an instant meme among the community.

His tale spread all over the internet and many couldn’t resist the possibility of seeing ‘Let Me Solo Her’ face off against Malenia, one of the most relentless bosses in any From Software game. Many were able to see him in action and whoever had that honor proudly counts the moment.

To immortalize ‘Let Me Solo Her’, youtuber Garden of Eyes decided to create a mod that transforms the Spirit Ashes Lone Wolf into ‘Let Me Solo Her’, allowing you to play alongside this Elden Ring legend.

If you’re interested, here’s Garden of Eye’s Patreon.

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