End of Covid-19-related public health emergency could be a shot in the foot

The population will mistakenly understand that the pandemic is over, many will stop taking the test and medicines close to release may be left aside.

Myke Sena/MS – 04/18/2022Minister Marcelo Queiroga announced last Sunday, 17, the end of the state of emergency for Covid-19

This week started off hectic with the situation of Covid-19 in Brazil. Despite the significant drop in the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths, as a result of the vaccination campaign, we were informed on a national chain, by our Minister of Health, of the end of the Public Health Emergency of National Importance (Espin). It is clear that the epidemiological scenario is favorable, but this could be a shot in the foot for a work built with the vaccine. The population will understand that the pandemic is over, which, in fact, does not match reality. A pandemic only ends when the WHO so determine.

Many will fail to seek diagnostic testing and many cases will not be reported. The greatest impact will be on drugs that have an emergency use status in the country and that are in the phase of incorporation or approval by the conitec. Even if the law sets 90 days to a year to remain in this situation, there will be insecurity. Just at this moment when we are close to using really effective remedies in mild, moderate or severe cases. We live wasting time in the pandemic, showing the clinical non-benefit of chloroquine and its derivatives, ivermectin and so on.

As for vaccines, the coronavac could suffer a relevant impact, and this will harm our children, given its applicability in the youngest age group and with an excellent level of safety. We have to walk and never give up in the face of Sars-Cov-2. Possibility of new variants exists, yes. At the moment, the variant that takes over is BA2, more transmissible, but less lethal. How long will it be like this? We don’t really know. Let’s live with this virus as we do with others. Science will offer quick answers, always for the seriousness in the field of research.

We need to invest in vulnerable populations. We have already noticed that the vaccine is less effective where we have the highest mortality. Despite offering two booster shots, we were worried and reticent. The good news is that there may be drugs for prevention, with a risk reduction above 80%. This is wonderful. Single dose. The issue will be cost. The federal government must create application criteria and demands. In mild cases, antivirals already used in many countries should be incorporated into our list of therapy. Dream coming. We should only use it sparingly and with a benefit translation to patients. Oral drugs for a maximum of five days of treatment, the best of all worlds. Taking stock of these two years already lived, we are improving in everything. With the help of everyone, especially science. Without her, none of this would be reality. Congratulations to everyone involved so far. Let’s stay united and attentive to Covid-19. We will win!

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