Find out where you still need to wear a mask in Pernambuco

The government of Pernambuco announced, this Tuesday (19), the release of the mandatory use of masks in closed spaces. Some places, however, will still require the use of the protective accessory.

Where is the mask still mandatory in Pernambuco?

  • Public transport (such as buses and subways)
  • Places intended for the provision of health services, such as hospitals, laboratories and offices
  • Schools

The rule goes into effect from this Wednesday (20).

Since March 29, the use of masks had already been released in open places in the state.

The measure is possible thanks to the continuous trend of reduction in the indicators (cases, deaths and hospitalization) of the coronavirus in the state and the advance of vaccination against covid-19. Currently, with regard to the first doses, there were 8,145,974 applications – coverage of 91.79%. Of the total, 7,121,638 people from Pernambuco (80.24%) have already completed their vaccination schedules. Regarding the first booster doses (third dose), 3,275,302 have already been applied (49.59% coverage).

According to Governor Paulo Câmara, epidemiological week 15, which ended last Saturday (16), confirmed all the indicators of the falling pandemic. “Also, last week, we reached the level of 80% of the population vaccinated with two doses or a single dose, and more than 80% of those over 60 years of age had taken the booster dose. step in our Coexistence Plan with Covid”, explains Paulo Câmara.

The mandatory use of the mask will be maintained in public transport, schools and health units in the state. “We will continue to encourage vaccination and work to definitively close this chapter in our history”, adds the governor.

This Tuesday (19), the government of Pernambuco promotes, at 5 pm, a press conference to ask questions about the new flexibility in the Coexistence Plan with Covid-19 in the state. Secretaries André Longo (Health) and Sidia Haiut (Executive of Economic Development) will participate. There will be broadcast on the channel of the secretary of health of Pernambuco on YouTube.

“We continue to observe a continuous trend of reduction in the indicators of covid-19 in Pernambuco, even after new flexibility in our coexistence plan. This is only being possible thanks to the advance of vaccination in our State. We already have 80% of the population vaccinated with at least two doses and 80% of the elderly have also been vaccinated with the first booster dose”, he said, in the last week, to the column Saúde e Bem-Estar, of the JCthe Health Secretary of Pernambuco, André Longo.

He added that, even amid the favorable epidemiological scenario, the virus continues to circulate. “The World Health Organization continues to classify the health emergency caused by covid-19 as a pandemic. Therefore, in order to continue to reap good results in this fight against the virus, maintaining a positive scenario in a sustained way, it is crucial that we can make further progress in immunizing the population “, says Long.

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