Governor of Ceará asks for caution regarding the end of the public health emergency: ‘The pandemic is not over’ | Ceará

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“The president of [Conselho Nacional de Secretários de Saúde] Conass has already spoken. They will have a meeting with the Ministry [da Saúde]. I already know that they will ask for prudence with regard to the progressivity of those measures that will impact what is still in force today, because the pandemic is not over yet,” said Izolda.

The minister made a speech, on national radio and TV, of about three minutes this Sunday. In the speech, Queiroga says that there are conditions in Brazil to announce the end of the Public Health Emergency of National Importance (Espin).

  • Queiroga says there are ‘conditions’ to announce the end of the health emergency resulting from Covid-19
  • Even with the release of masks indoors in Ceará, vaccination passport must still be presented; know why

“Thanks to the improvement in the epidemiological scenario, the broad vaccination coverage of the population and the capacity of SUS to provide assistance, today we are able to announce the end of the Public Health Emergency of National Importance, Espin. In the coming days, a normative act will be published disciplining this decision”, declared the Minister of Health.

The governor of Ceará also stated that there is a need to take into account the global scenario of Covid-19, in addition to the contexts of Brazilian states. “We still cannot have this condition, which is not up to the Ministry of Health, it is up to the World Health Organization. Due to a series of issues that still require prudence, Conass will speak at the meeting asking for this progressivity and attention with the states, so that they can be heard”.

“The Secretary of Health is already well connected with this measure, which was announced yet without details, the Ministry has not yet given the details regarding progressivity and what it represents immediately, how the health emergency situation is”, added Izolda.

As Queiroga, in the coming days will be “edited a normative act” with the rules for this measure. In the statement, he said that more than 73% of the Brazilian population completed the vaccination schedule and about 71 million booster doses were administered.

However, Queiroga added that the measure does not “mean the end of Covid-19”. “We will continue to live with the virus. The Ministry of Health remains vigilant and prepared to adopt all necessary actions to guarantee the health of Brazilians,” he said.

The Ministry of Health does not have the competence to decree the end of the pandemic, determined March 11, 2020 by the World Health Organization. But President Jair Bolsonaro had been advocating the end of Espin.

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