Health Department announces the opening of two emergency units to try to reduce the number of UPAs in Natal | large northern river

The Natal Health Department announced that it will set up, starting this Thursday (21), two less serious emergency care units, to try to relieve the Emergency Care Units (UPA) of the capital of Potiguar.

The service should work temporarily in the Basic Health Units of the Pajuçara neighborhood, in the North Zone of Natal, and in Cidade da Esperança, in the West Zone, to treat mild cases of viruses.

According to the folder, people with symptoms such as headache, fever up to 38 degrees, non-persistent dry cough, pain in the arms, pain in the legs and body weakness should look for these units.

“In these UBS we offer medical care through a general practitioner, pediatrician and nursing staff”, said Secretary George Antunes.

According to the folder, the initiative is due to the 90% increase in demand for pediatric care at the UPA Cidade da Esperança and 115% in pediatrics at the UPA of Pajuçara, over the last few days.

With the services full, patients began to wait several hours for care. On Monday (18), an elderly woman spent four hours outside the Potengi UPA, also in the North Zone.

The basic units of Pajuçara and Cidade da Esperança will work from 7 am to 7 pm to serve these patients.

As a result, the UPAS will only serve serious cases, which are people with persistent vomiting even after medication, high fever that persists for more than 24 hours, tiredness, pale, purplish or yellowish skin color, drowsiness and diarrhea.

In addition to the increase in cases of viruses and dengue, the overcrowding of the UPAs is also influenced by the strike by health workers, which began on April 11. The secretary said that the claims of the category are fair, but considered that the stoppage is harming services.

“We cannot ask people to stay at home. Anyone who has any suspected condition of a pathology should seek care, either at the basic units or at the UPAs. There is no other way. The public authorities will have to create assistance mechanisms. it would be, and I make this appeal, that this strike be temporarily suspended. With that we would reduce the damage to the population”, he said.

According to Antunes, the city hall’s technical team is carrying out calculations of the financial impact so that the municipality can present a proposal to the striking employees by April 29.

He also asked that private health services and other municipalities in the state also create extra services to relieve the demand of public health units in the capital.

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