Hospital C. Redentor with the only MRI machine in the region – West Goiano


Medicine in the region of Oeste Goiano gained a very high quality leap with the initiative of Hospital Cristo Redentor to install a modern magnetic resonance machine, the only one in the region of Iporá.

It was a necessity in the region for accurate diagnoses, something now possible because the Cristo Redentor Hospital made the big investment, long awaited by the population on this side of the state.

Without an MRI, there were many years in which patients had to travel in search of this type of exam, only possible with the device now acquired.

The 13th of April, Wednesday of last week, was the historic date of the inauguration of the resonance machine, when several people gathered. Since then, the device has been available for scheduling services. The MRI scan detects various diseases in all parts of the human body such as joints, blood vessels, chest, skull, cervical region, spinal cord, heart and abdomen.

The exam is considered painless, non-invasive and generates high definition 2D and 3D images. As it is considered an exam capable of delivering detailed images of the tissues, it is indicated to identify problems such as:

Screening for cancer, tumors, cysts and anomalies.

Identification of injuries and abnormalities in the shoulders, knees, spine and joints.

Diagnosis of neurological diseases.

Identification of diseases in the spinal cord.

Diagnosis of diseases of the heart, liver, pancreas and abdominal organs, etc…

Appointments for the MRI machine


Av. Pius XII Nº 551, downtown Iporá.

(64) 3674-1052

(64) 98152-7772

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