Hospital Mental Health Clinic Dr. Nelson Gonçalves is now called Nurse Sérgio Luiz Felipe

The Municipal Mental Health Clinic at Hospital Dr. Nelson Gonçalves (formerly Cais Aterrado), at Aterrado, will be called Nurse Sérgio Luiz Felipe, as of this Tuesday (19th). Serginho, as he was known, was coordinator of Mental Health in Volta Redonda and died on January 30 of last year, aged 43, from Covid-19.

The ceremony is scheduled to start at 9 am, bringing together family, friends and government representatives. The tribute was presented through a bill authored by councilor Sidney Dinho (Patriot) and was unanimously approved by parliamentarians.

The appointment, as justified by the PL, took into account the professional trajectory of Sérgio Luíz, which began in 2001.

“My husband was an example of a citizen and a fighter for mental health, since the days of the Volta Redonda Health House, which was closed with the psychiatric reform. He worked hard, made dreams come true, lived lightly, smiled and made people smile, was happy and fulfilled his journey. Now, in fullness, she lives”, says Kátia Ioste, who had a 17-year-old son with Serginho.


In 2017, Serginho assumed the general coordination of the Psychosocial Care Network (RAPS), a technical area of ​​the public network in Volta Redonda. The nurse conceived a pioneering project in the city, the Therapeutic Workshop, linked to the emergency room sector at the Mental Health Clinic, opened in August of that year.

Sérgio Luiz was considered a visionary professional, who prioritized humanized work in the care of patients with mental disorders and chemical dependency.

Sérgio Luiz Felipe, son of Maria de Lourdes Felipe and Agostinho Felipe, the youngest of men in a family with ten brothers, began his passion for nursing at the age of 21, when he needed to learn from a nurse the care he should have with his mother, patient with chronic renal failure.

The youngest of men, she worked in commerce, but not professionally, decided to invest in her studies, and in 2001 she began her journey in the field of nursing. He did postgraduate studies in occupational nursing, specializing in psychiatry and teaching.

He worked as a professor in the field of nursing at the ICT, where he had graduated as a nursing technician.

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