House is put up for sale ‘with resident in the basement’ and receives an offer in the US

An ad for the sale of a house in the city of Fairfax, in the United States, was shared thousands of times on social media for its “eccentricity” in prohibiting buyers from accessing the basement and claiming that the property will be sold with a resident along.

“Cash offers only. No access to view downstairs and home can only be sold if the buyer is certified that the person downstairs will remain rent-free.”

On April 10, when the property was announced, sellers asked for US$ 800,000 (equivalent to R$ 3.7 million) for the house, which has five bedrooms and four bathrooms. With leaks and some structural problems, the ad’s estimate was that around US$ 25,000 (R$ 100,000) would be invested in repairs.

A team from the Fox 5 channel came to visit the place on Wednesday (13), but no representative of the house wanted to speak with the press. Neighbors would have reported that mother and daughter lived in the basement of the house, but were unable to detail what their relationship was with the owners of the property.

The agent responsible for negotiating the property told the TV channel that at least five offers were made by the residence, some with a price higher than the initial order.

As of this afternoon, the property was listed as “not on the market” on the listing site where it was posted. There is, however, no clarity on how much he was traded for.

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