In the US, Guedes says that ‘Brazil is against war and against sanctions’ and that the country ‘belongs to the BRICS, not the OECD’

  • Mariana Sanches
  • From BBC News Brazil in Washington

Paulo Guedes expressing himself during speech

Credit, Reuters

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said that Brazil is against the war in Ukraine, but also against sanctions applied to Russia for invading the neighboring country.

In an interview this Tuesday afternoon (4/19), at the Center of Strategic and International Studies, in Washington DC, Guedes also said that Brazil is against the expulsion of Russia from multilateral institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ( IMF), as the United States and the member countries of the G-7 want.

At the end of February, Russia invaded Ukraine, in a war that has killed thousands and forced some five million Ukrainians to seek refuge outside the conflict zone. Since then, under the leadership of the Americans, part of the rich countries has been pressing for Russia to be withdrawn from international organizations, such as the G-20.

“By the rules, you cannot expel them. Brazil is in favor of the rules. In my personal view, you have to maintain the bridges to convince them to a ceasefire. The question we should ask them (Russians) is: ‘Look, if you don’t want to respect the institutions, if you don’t behave properly, why do you want to stay?'”, said Guedes.

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