patch 1.04 strengthens attack mechanics

Elden Ring patch 1.04 is available for download starting this Tuesday (19). With many new weapons and spells, expanded NPC campaign and general quality adjustments, the update seems to make the game easier and make game mechanics more accessible, buffing character effects and damage.

The robust update features improvements to the attack settings of all types of weapons and the unique abilities of some of them. In addition, FP and HP stats increase by slightly larger scales at the start of gameplay, until the time when Godrick’s Great Rune is activated at the altar.

Fans of magic will have more reason to invest in enchantment and sorcery builds. That’s because all skills have been improved, reducing cost of execution, increasing cast speed and areas of effect, dealing more damage and amplifying the potential for negative effects such as bleed.

The Patches quest has been revised and will feature new events across the map. However, FromSoftware did not comment further on the campaign details and did not reveal how or where these instances could be activated.

patches and the tainted, in elden ring
Screenshot of Elden Ring

Finally, more than a dozen bugs are eliminated, such as crashes in offline and multiplayer mode. The update includes corrections to the character creation interface and menu, blockages in the progress of hitbox missions, audio system and text translation.

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Now that the new Elden Ring update is available on all platforms, it’s the perfect time to return to the game and face the myriad challenges of the Midlands. As per the 1.04 patch notes, the overall experience has become easier and certainly several enemies will no longer be less of a problem. Click here to check out our selection of the ten toughest bosses in the title and learn who you should fight with caution.

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