Sentenced to death for murder would rather be shot than go to the electric chair

Richard Moore is black, bald, has a mustache and looks blankly at the photo.
Richard Moore. Image: Reproduction

Richard Moore is a 57-year-old man who was sentenced to death in the United States. His execution is scheduled for April 29 in South Carolina. However, one decision caught his attention: he preferred to die by firing squad than in the electric chair. Moore was convicted of murdering a supermarket employee during a robbery in 1999. The information is from AFP.

The last executions in the United States were carried out by lethal injection, but the method is being abandoned in South Carolina because drug manufacturers are refusing to provide the necessary ingredients for the application of the penalty. Because of this, he had to choose between the electric chair or firing squad, choosing the second option. The decision was taken last Friday (15).

Moore is to be shot by three volunteers armed with rifles belonging to the Prison Department. If the execution is confirmed, it will be the first in South Carolina in nearly a decade.

Lawyers dispute the two methods of execution

Lawyers for Richard Moore allege that the two methods of serving the sentence violate a constitutional veto on “cruel and unusual punishment.” According to AFP, a judge agreed to hear the defense’s arguments.

“The electric chair and the firing squad are antiquated and barbaric methods of execution that have been left behind by virtually every American jurisdiction,” said one of the lawyers, Lindsey Vann.

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