Thief beats up elderly woman, steals car and ends up dying after collision

An elderly woman was brutally beaten by a thief who wanted to take her car keys in Texas (USA). But shortly afterward, he ended up dying in an accident while on the run. The information is from the American broadcaster CNBC.

San Antonio resident Shirlene Hernandez, 72, was surprised by the criminal when she stopped at a nearby gas station. At the time of the attack, the man punched the woman in the face, which was bloody and with serious injuries.

According to witnesses, the attacker only stopped hitting the victim when he finally got her car keys. Other people at the gas station tried to intervene and approach him, but he managed to run to his car and escape.

Local authorities reported that, at the time they were triggered, some vehicles set out on the roads to capture the suspect. However, they found Shirlene’s car totally destroyed in an accident on an interstate highway. The robber died on the spot.

Shirlene Hernandez's car was found wrecked on a road.  Thief died during the accident.  - Reproduction - Reproduction

Shirlene Hernandez’s car was found wrecked on a road. Thief died during the accident.

Image: Reproduction

Speaking to News 4 San Antonio, Shirlene lamented the violence she suffered and the tragic way the episode ended for the assailant.

“There are a lot of people who would say that everything we do, it always comes back. Like it’s karma. I didn’t think about it. The only thing I felt was sadness that he died that way,” he said. “Now it’s true, he hurt me, but the Lord decided to take that man’s life for his own good, just deliver him from his misery.”

The woman is still recovering from the aggression, especially in the mouth and eyes. In addition, the loss of the car also caused serious damage to the elderly woman, who depended on it to go to work every day.

“I intended to stop working. But now I have to get another car somehow. And that requires money and other factors, so I have to find a solution,” he declared.

With awareness, local residents and Shirlene’s granddaughter Helen Garcia organized and created a page on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe to help raise funds to buy the elderly woman a new car.

The fundraiser initially had a goal of US$ 5 thousand (equivalent to R$ 23.3 thousand), but this morning, donations exceeded US$ 23 thousand (about R$ 107 thousand).

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