US removes Brazil from list of countries not recommended due to Covid-19

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated travel recommendation criteria and reclassified 89 nations

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in U.S (CDC) updated and removed Brazil, on Monday, 18, from the list of countries classified as not recommended for travel due to the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19. In all, 89 nations – including United Kingdom, France, Japan, Russia and Brazil – went to level 3 of the categories, described as high risk. In this new phase, the only recommendation that people who wish to enter American soil should follow is to be vaccinated against Covid. With this update, the list of not recommended countries is empty. The US classification has two more categories: Level 2: moderate risk and Level 1: low risk. Despite the change, the CDC still recommends that Americans avoid traveling to Brazil even if they are vaccinated.

In a statement, the Control Center explained that category 4, where Brazil was, will only be used with countries where there is a rapid escalation in daily cases of the disease, the emergence of a new variant or a collapse in the local health system. ”. In the past, all nations that recorded more than 500 daily cases per 100,000 inhabitants were classified as not recommended. “We believe the updated framework will help Americans make more informed decisions about the safety of international travel,” it added. The United States is currently experiencing a high in the number of infections. In recent weeks, of the 50 US states, 27 have registered a worsening in contagions.

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