Valle Nevado announces the opening of the snow season in 2022

Valle Nevado, a ski resort located 60 km from Santiago de Chile, has announced the official opening of the season in 2022. The space will receive tourists again on June 17, with visits scheduled for until the end of September – or while there is snow!

Snow in Chile in 2022

Chile is a popular destination for Brazilians who like the cold, and it is common to practice sports such as skiing or snowboarding in its structure, considered one of the main ones in South America.

Another positive point is the location, as there are flights from Brazilian capitals to the Chilean capital Santiago, which is close to Valle Nevado.

Valle Nevado welcomes Brazilians again on June 17

Chile has made the entry of tourists more flexible. To enter, now those who are vaccinated no longer need to present the covid-19 test on arrival in the country. Just fill in the electronic form “Sworn declaration for travelers” up to 48 hours before departure.

At the end, it will generate a QR Code that must be presented upon arrival in the country. In addition, it is necessary to have medical insurance of at least US$ 30,000 with coverage for covid-19.

Check the details of the entry rules on the official Chile tourism page!

And you, are you going to travel to Valle Nevado this year? Comment and participate!

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