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WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will allow you to hide “last seen” from specific users. The novelty was discovered in the Beta of the application this Monday (18), by the specialized website WABetaInfo, and is available in version, for users who are part of the program.

Although awaited, it is not yet certain if the function will reach the official version of the messenger, available for Android and iPhone (iOS), but the TechTudo advanced some mechanisms that we can expect from the resource. Check it out below.

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WhatsApp may gain new “last seen” function; see details — Photo: Disclosure/Getty Images

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What is it and how will it work?

The new feature in WhatsApp testing would allow users to not display the “last seen” for specific people in the messenger. Nowadays, it is possible to set the display of this status only between “Everyone”, “All Contacts” and “Nobody (hidden)” .

Thus, with the novelty, users could do as is currently done in the general status, which has the option of viewing by “All contacts except (…)”. Like the other privacy settings, changing the “last seen” must be done through the messenger menu, in the “My Account” tab.

Will I be able to see the status of who I muted?

If the option reaches the stable version of the app and you choose not to allow a specific user to see your “last seen”, you will not have access to that person’s status either. The functioning, therefore, will be like that of the regular status of the messenger.

It is worth remembering that users excluded from your “last seen” view will still be able to contact you.

The function entered Beta this week and, for now, there is no release date yet. It is also not certain that the feature will actually come to the stable and official version of the app, as it depends on the acceptance of the public and users of the testing system.

Also, remember that, like the Communities feature, this feature may have its launch delayed until after the elections. This is because, as a measure to prevent the spread of fake news, Meta (the company that owns WhatsApp), together with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), chose not to make relevant changes to the messenger before the election.

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