With crowded UPAs, residents complain about delay and servers denounce lack of supplies for care

Complaints about the delay in service in the Emergency Care Units of Cascavel are constant and have become routine among users of the Unified Health System.

THE CGN was at UPA Brasília to see the movement and many people reported that they had been waiting for care since noon.

The wait of more than 10 hours left many patients angry and even health professionals complained about the negligence of the authorities.

David said he has been waiting since 10 am and witnessed many people feeling sick, without doctors to attend, in addition to those who gave up waiting, a situation that was witnessed by the report and confirmed by an elderly man who gave up waiting.

One patient said she was mistreated and that everyone was being treated like animals. Jailson, another patient, said the delay is excessive. He also reported that there is no saline solution for the servers to perform the service, which was not confirmed or denied by the professionals.

However, Councilwoman Professor Lilian received a complaint from a server who preferred not to be identified, reporting the lack of polifix, an adhesive fastener for cannulas and probes, which has hampered on-site service.

A professional who preferred not to identify herself, said that she knows the good work done by the UPA employees, however with the intense movement and lack of supplies, the servers are left with their hands tied.

The reports of neglect in Cascavel’s health were not limited to UPA Brasília. During the day, the CGN received dozens of complaints from UPA Veneza and also from UPA Tancredo.

After the councilor’s denunciation, the CGN contacted the city council, who said he would check the situation with the Health Department. The Secretary, Miroslau Bailak, was also contacted, but did not respond to questions.

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