6 benefits that drinking with friends brings to the body and not everyone knows

Having a beer or a good drink with friends is an excellent choice every weekend or at happy hour after a busy day. Well, did you know that being around special people is more beneficial for our body than you might think? See now the benefits that drinking with friends brings!

6 benefits that drinking with friends brings to the body and not everyone knows:

1. Better quality of life

Yes, that’s what you got! Having fun with friends, drinking good drinks, brings an excellent quality of life. Even if it’s with childhood friends, this quality improves even more. Scientifically, those who maintain strong friendships with friends since childhood have less anxiety, more self-esteem and fewer symptoms of depression. In addition, these people tend to have lower body mass index and lower blood pressure in adulthood.

2. Emotional well-being

Also according to research, this greater social interaction and connection with people brings an improvement in health and emotional well-being.

3. Longevity

Your friendships do determine your longevity. In old age, the more quality your relationships are, the more your life expectancy increases. And we say more: social isolation is harmful to hypertension, influencing the development and control of the disease.

4. Empathy

This term refers to the human being’s ability to put himself in the other’s shoes. Well, and when you have good friends by your side, that feeling is potentiated. It’s as if our friends become “part of us”, magical, right?

5. Less likely to have a heart attack

Get ready for what we’re going to talk about, to a much lesser degree, having few friends is as harmful to the body as smoking. Understand, loneliness increases the production of a clotting protein (known as fibrinogen) that can cause heart attack and stroke, similar to what happens with smoking.

6. Acts on our memory

Finally, socially active people who go out for drinks with friends have better memories than lonelier people.

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