After confusion, Rede Mário Gatti talks about deception; patient denies

Man sought examination at the hospital and denies that he was confused (Photo: Reproduction / EPTV Campinas)

After a confusion involving the son of a patient diagnosed with cancer and an employee of Hospital Mário Gatti, in Campinas, the network that manages the unit said that the patient was wrong in relation to the place where he should take the exam.

Sought after, the elderly Severino Silva said that he was not wrong and that he was asked to go to the Mário Gatti Hospital, not Ouro Verde.

The incident took place last night (19). According to reports, the fight would have started with a complaint due to the delay in service. As a result, the Municipal Guard had to be called. The incident took place around 9 pm and videos captured the aggressions (see below).

At the end of the afternoon, Rede Mário Gatti issued an official note saying that: “the riot that took place on Tuesday night in the Emergency Room of the Mário Gatti Hospital was the result of the patient’s misunderstanding regarding the place where he should take the exam “.

The note goes on to say the following: “this patient had his first consultation at the proctology outpatient clinic of Hospital Mário Gatti, on February 2, with a diagnosis of intestinal neoplasia. Exams for diagnostic complementation were requested”.

The Network explains that “yesterday morning, April 19, he underwent CT scans at the Ouro Verde Hospital and, at the end of the morning, the hospital contacted him so that he could remove the CD with the images and the medical report, to take to the next appointment at the Mário Gatti Hospital”.

And he goes on to say that “due to a misunderstanding of the information, Mr. Severino Lopes da Silva went directly to the Emergency Room of Hospital Mário Gatti, who was not aware of the summons made by Hospital Ouro Verde”.

Finally, “this morning, Ouro Verde contacted him again, so that he could withdraw the exam. He underwent a clinical evaluation and was released, with a return scheduled at the coloproctology outpatient clinic of Hospital Mário Gatti”.


Earlier this Thursday, Rede Mário Gatti had spoken out saying that it will file a report against the patient’s companion for the aggression against the security officer.

Later, around 5:40 pm, management said that security had not yet registered the occurrence.

Images from the security camera circuit of Hospital Dr. Mário Gatti show the moment of aggression against a security guard at the health unit in Campinas. The video was released to EPTV, an affiliate of TV Globo, earlier this Wednesday.

In the images released by Rede Mário Gatti, it is possible to see a man approaching the security guard and kicking the employee with his right leg. From there, confusion ensues between the two.

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