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An American citizen was sentenced to death in China on Thursday for the stabbing murder of his 21-year-old Chinese ex-girlfriend. The number of people executed per year is a state secret in the country, which applies capital punishment. But sentencing Westerners to the maximum penalty is rare.

The defendant, Shadeed Abdulmateen, met the victim in 2019 and began a romantic relationship with the young woman, according to a statement from the Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court in the east of the country, where the crime took place. In May 2021, the Chinese woman announced her intention to break up with the American, but he did not accept the end of the relationship and would have made “verbal threats” to her girlfriend, the text continues.

The following month, Abdulmateen arranged to meet her at a bus stop and, after that, stabbed the victim in the neck and face with a knife, who did not survive.

“The accused was sentenced to death for intentional manslaughter,” the court said, claiming “premeditated revenge.”

“The motives were sordid. His criminal intent confirmed. The method employed, savage, and the circumstances of the crime, odious,” the statement said.

Last Western run in 2009

Contacted by AFP, the US embassy in the country did not comment on the case. The official Xinhua press agency indicates that the last execution of a Westerner took place in 2009. British man Akmal Shaikh was sentenced to death for trafficking heroin.

In 2015, China reduced the number of crimes punishable by death from 55 to 46. The list includes separatism, intentional homicide, rape and drug trafficking, but incitement to prostitution and arms smuggling were excluded.

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