Brazilian chicken becomes subject of debate in French presidential race | agribusiness

The issue was inserted into the debate after the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, listed some points of the European Union that she opposes. Then French President Emmanuel Macron pointed out that, at the time of discussion of the agreement, France was also against it.

The current president declared that the French defended that the same demands made to local producers were demanded from exporters and that Brazil did not follow some of these rules, such as the “lack of commitment” to the Paris agreement – a global treaty that aims to reduce global warming. global -, biodiversity and accusations of deforestation.

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The agreement cited in the discussion was made in 2019, in the period, farmers, environmentalists and politicians in the country, including Macron, demonstrated in opposition, mainly because of Brazilian production.

At the time, these groups declared that Brazil does not comply with the same sanitary, labor and environmental requirements imposed on European producers and that, therefore, South Americans have prices “incomparable” to Europeans.

These factors would create, in their view, “unfair competition” and that the bloc’s consumers would also be “fooled” when buying agricultural products from Mercosur.

On social media, the French population found it comical that the subject had been raised in the presidential debate, turning the Brazilian chicken into a meme.

One user said “Brazil’s indignant chicken”.

Brazilian chicken becomes a meme in France — Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

“The moment the Brazilian chicken appeared in the debate”, posted another profile.

Brazilian chicken is mentioned in French debate — Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

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