China says black boxes from crashed plane are badly damaged

Videos show moment of plane crash in China:

China’s aviation authority said on Wednesday that the black boxes of a China Eastern Airlines Boeing BA 737-800 that crashed last month were seriously damaged and it is still seeking to recover and analyze data that could help determine the cause. of the accident.

The crash, the first fatal air crash in China since 2010, killed 132 people when the flight from Kunming to Guangzhou suddenly plummeted from cruising altitude and crashed into the Guangxi Mountains on March 21.

In a statement in its preliminary report on the accident, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) did not release any information from the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder that were sent to Washington for analysis.

Crews work at plane crash site in China

Crews work at plane crash site in China

Photo: CGTN

CAAC said the flight crew was qualified, the plane was properly maintained, the weather was good and there were no dangerous objects on the plane before the accident. The impact created a crater nearly 3 meters deep and 45 square meters wide.

Chinese aviation expert Li Xiaojin said preliminary findings showed there were no issues with flight procedures, meaning black box data would be instrumental in determining the cause of the crash.

“It will take at least a year for them to complete the investigation,” he said.

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