Death of teenager victim of dengue is under investigation

The Secretary of State for Health (sesapi) investigates yet another death by dengue in Piauí. There are two confirmed deaths and two under investigation for dengue in the state. According to data from the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (CIEVS), a female teenager, 17 years oldwas admitted to the Dirceu Arcoverde State Hospital (HEDA), in Parnaíba with symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever and died.

The State Coordinator of Epidemiology at Sesapi, Amélia Costa, explains that, according to the Death Certificate, the death was due to the aggravation of dengue, but the CIEVS cannot close the protocol without laboratory tests. “The death certificate of the teenager came out as “cause mortis” Dengue Hemorrhagic, but the Ministry of Health is not accepting it as another death from the disease because relevant laboratory tests were not performedsince the young woman arrived in a very serious condition and progressed to death”, he says.

Death of teenager victim of dengue is being investigated, says Sesapi (Photo: Reproduction)Death of teenager victim of dengue is being investigated, says Sesapi (Photo: Reproduction)

death of the teenager

One adolescent identified as Daniele dos Santos Ribeiro, 17 years old, died late in the afternoon of Sunday, April 17, as a result of complications of dengue hemorrhagic fever at the Dirceu Arcoverde State Hospital (HEDA), in the city of parnaíbacoast of Piauí.

Daniele was a student at the Deputado Pinheiro Machado school. She lets husband and a 1 year and 7 month old daughter. The wake took place in the city of Cocal, at the home of his relatives. Soon after, the body was taken to the municipality of Miguel Alves, his birthplace, where the burial took place.

Dirceu Arcoverde State Hospital - Photo: ReproductionDirceu Arcoverde State Hospital – Photo: Reproduction

Sesapi alerts all health professionals about the importance of performing the patient serology to prove the disease. “Every serious patient, with warning signs for dengue, must be collected the material to be sent to Lacen for laboratory confirmation”, says Amélia. Sesapi confirms two deaths in the capital: a 19-year-old man and a 9-year-old child; two are under investigation: a 45 year old woman and the 17-year-old, in Parnaíba.

Hemorrhagic dengue is more frequent in people who have dengue for the 2nd time, and can be differentiated from other types of dengue around the 3rd day with the appearance of hemorrhages. The main symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever are severe pain in the belly, persistent vomiting, accumulation of fluid in the body cavities (abdomen, heart and lungs), bleeding, apathy or irritation, dizziness when standing up, enlarged liver and increased concentration of blood.

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