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Published 21/04/2022 09:24 | Updated 04/21/2022 09:46

The first masturbation club exclusively for men in Spain was opened in the city of Madrid in recent weeks. In the space, open in the Spanish capital, group sessions can last up to three hours, according to the administrators.

According to a newspaper report, the private houses have become “small” for the meetings of the “pajas” club, which are now held in an old bar, in the metropolitan region of the capital, within a residential neighborhood, with a capacity of 70 people. Sex is not allowed.

In an interview with the daily “El País”, Nacho G., who is the club’s founder, explained that he was inspired by American clubs of the type, common since the 1970s. The walls are decorated with graffiti. The bar has two bathrooms, security lockers for valuables, large armchairs and two giant screens that exclusively show videos of men masturbating. There is music, usually smooth jazz, and dim, indirect lighting. “In general, when a member ends, he doesn’t usually leave”, explains Nacho.

“They stay to repeat as many times as they want, or can, during the three hours that the event lasts. […] Between orgasms, there’s always room for conversation, like old friends. No shame,” she said.

According to Nacho, the club does not have only gays as a target audience. The administrator, and a regular, says that many heterosexuals frequent the place.

Discrimination is also prohibited among club members.

“We don’t discriminate against anyone,” explained Nacho. “We don’t choose members based on age, race, ethnicity, body type, physical condition or sexual orientation,” he added.

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