Improve your sleep with 5 devices that relax

Some innovations are amazing because they considerably improve people’s quality of life and the time to rest couldn’t be left out, so forget the obvious and get to know different products.

The quality of sleep is very important to ensure peaceful aging, free from serious problems. The biological clock depends on a time when the body enters a state of recovery, essential for fat loss and muscle mass gain. Hormones are regulated and metabolism can be restored, strengthening the immune system.

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Discover the best devices for a perfect sleep

air purifier

Many models remove dust particles and germs, keeping the place safe and pleasant, especially for those who suffer from respiratory diseases or live with a stuffy nose. It still has the advantage of allowing the addition of essences, keeping the environment fragrant with a fragrance that calms you down.

Air conditioning

On hot or cold days, it is common to hear complaints about the temperature and in either extreme it becomes difficult to fall asleep. Sometimes just a blanket or fresh clothes won’t do, so bet on an air conditioner with artificial intelligence, capable of saving energy and connecting remote monitoring by cell phone.

SMART lamp

Another electronic that can be connected to a virtual assistant, to send commands by voice. From a control, the smart lamp changes color and intensity. The most recommended at bedtime is to leave the amber tone.

SMART pillow

One of the most unusual items, the pillow monitors indicators related to sleep and records all data, movements, hours of sleep and other behaviors. The Persono Beta Edition brand produced limited units, but opened a registration form for those wishing to purchase a piece.


In case you can’t buy a smart pillow, the alternative is to find a good digital and smart watch, because vital data can be captured by the sensor.

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