Shark bites engine and surrounds family for an hour in a boat; Look

posted on 4/20/2022 4:01 PM / updated on 4/20/2022 4:02 PM

The images of the moment went viral on social media - (credit: reproduction)

The images of the moment went viral on social media – (credit: reproduction)

An Australian family had an unpleasant experience that could very well have been a scene from the famous movie Shark, from 1975. They were fishing on a boat when a huge white shark circled the boat for about an hour. The incident took place over the Easter holiday.

Images of the moment went viral on social media.

David Tuckfield, wife Tanya and son Shelby, 14, were off the coast of Mandurah, south of Perth, Australia, when the shark approached. He even went so far as to bite the boat’s engine. “I’ve never seen one that big,” Tanya told the local paper. 9News. Despite the scare, the family guarantees that the moment was the highlight of the tour. “We don’t appreciate (sharks) until you see them up close,” David said.

In February, Sydney’s beaches were even closed after a shark attack for the first time in 60 years.

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