Thief beats up elderly woman, steals car, gets involved in accident and dies

Shirlene Hernandez, 72, stopped at a gas station in San Antonio, Texas, last Tuesday (19), to buy a soda, something she usually does every day. As she was walking towards the convenience, she was approached by a man who held her down and hit her several times in the face until she managed to get her car key. The information was published by the website WBRC.

Three other people who were at the scene realized what was happening and tried to help the elderly woman and prevent the robbery, but the thief managed to drive away.

Police were called and a search for the vehicle began. Not far from the scene of the crime, on an interstate highway, Shirlene’s car was located with the front part destroyed, probably by a strong crash, and with the dead bandit at the wheel.

The American was left with large bruises on her face, especially around her eye, and was still without the means of transport she used to go to work.

The story gained great repercussion and an online crowdfunding was organized to help buy a new model and replace the damage. The goal was US$ 5,000, around R$ 23,000, but US$ 29,000, equivalent to R$ 134,000, has already been raised in just four days.

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