Ukraine’s Armed Forces Increase Air Fleet After Receiving Spare Parts, Says Pentagon | Ukraine and Russia

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have increased the size of their aircraft fleet after receiving replacement parts and repairing damaged aircraft, the US military said.

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Ukraine was able to keep its Air Force operating nearly two months after the Russian invasion began and also to repair aircraft, and apparently increasing its inventory.

On Tuesday, US Armed Forces Spokesperson John Kirby said Ukraine had received additional aircraft and parts, but clarified on Wednesday that no planes have so far been supplied to Ukrainian forces.

  • Ukraine asks Western countries for more weapons against Russia

Kiev repeatedly requests combat aircraft to help repel invading Russian forces.

“I was wrong to say that, in the past tense, that they had received an entire plane. I regret the mistake,” Kirby said Wednesday.

Ukrainian military plane shot down in southern Kiev on February 24, 2022 – Photo: Handout/Ukrainian Emergency Service/Via AFP

“Having said that, the Ukrainians received — through US coordination and provision — enough spare parts and additional equipment to be able to put more planes into service in their fleet than they had two or three weeks ago.”

The US announced plans to transfer Russian-made helicopters to Ukraine, intended for use in Afghanistan.

With more than 50 days into the war, the skies over Ukraine are still contested in part due to Ukraine’s fleet of aircraft and air defenses, including shoulder-fired, portable surface-to-air missiles provided by the US and its allies.

This allowed Ukraine to wage a much more effective ground campaign than if Russia had air dominance and could defend its invading forces from the skies.

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