Understand why WhatsApp will start charging some users to release extra features; check what will change in the app

The WhatsApp messaging app works on a new optional subscription plan to offer extra features for Business accounts.

As detailed by the specialized website Wabetainfo, it is an optional novelty exclusively for the Business version.

Understand why WhatsApp will start charging some users to release extra features

According to the website, WhatsApp is working on a redesigned interface for the “Linked Device” section, exclusively for WhatsApp Business accounts.

WhatsApp uses a completely different description for multiple devices in this revamped interface, claiming that the user can add multiple devices to the account so that different people in the company can chat with a customer in the same chat.

In addition, a subscription plan also appears, reserved for WhatsApp business accounts and offers additional features.

For example, it is usually possible to link up to 4 devices on the same account, but with the subscription you can link up to 10 devices.

Please note that even if WhatsApp is running on a subscription plan, it doesn’t mean you have to pay to use the app.

Nothing changes for users and the app will continue to be free. The subscription plan is completely optional and offers additional services for business accounts.

Also according to the information, it has not yet been revealed whether it will be an annual or monthly subscription and how much it will cost, Check out what’s new:

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