Americans mistake army aircraft for enemy and evacuate Capitol

Golden Knights’ Twin Otter © US Army

A confusion was registered in the capital of the United States, when a plane entered the airspace of the Capitol, which ended up being evacuated. The news quickly resonated with the US press, as several reporters cover behind-the-scenes American government and politics 24 hours a day.

The evacuation took place because an aircraft ended up entering restricted airspace, as in Brazil in places such as the Esplanada dos Ministérios / Eixo Monumental in Brasília, given the presence of several important bodies and authorities in these areas. The curious thing about the story is that, what was thought to be a suspicious or even hostile aircraft, was nothing more than a US Army plane.

The aircraft in question belonged to the Golden Knights, the demonstration squadron of the US Army (US Army), which has trained paratroopers from the legendary 82nd Airborne Divsion and other units.

The so-called “Golden Knights” jump from planes in formation, performing solo and joint maneuvers in mid-air, also using colored parachutes and smoke.

These public demonstrations serve to demonstrate the skill of the military and are a strong recruiting tool. And that’s exactly what the little turboprop DHC-6 Twin Otter was doing over the Capitol: dropping military paratroopers.

The “target” was the stadium of the Washington Nationals, the city’s baseball team, which played the Arizona Diamondbacks in the national league. It is common in the USA to have military demonstrations before the game or during the interval of the game, even more in the baseball, which can last up to 3 hours.

With that, the Twin Otter ended up passing close to the Capitol, which was to be expected, given the location of the stadium, but due to a communication failure the alarm was sounded, mainly because the plane was flying in circles.

After the run, the Capitol Police ended up finding out which plane it was and claimed it was a false alarm caused by “excessive caution and there was no threat”.

Check out below a video of a performance by the Golden Knights, which is the only official US Army unit to have planes:

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