Are health plans required to have a website?

According to the National Health Agency, ANS, Brazil has more than 700 medical-hospital operators and almost 50 million people who are part of some health plan.

As it is an important niche, the agency published in the Official Gazette of the Union a resolution at the end of March that requires the maintenance of portals by all operators of private health plans. So the answer to the initial question is yes.


Health plans are required to have a website, says ANS.
The resolution sets deadlines for companies to adapt according to the number of beneficiaries. Image: PopTika/Shutterstock

It’s not enough to just offer a website. The agency has determined that the pages must operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The portals must also comply with other rules, such as having an area dedicated only to customers and another for the accredited network and health professionals.

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When does the new rule take effect?

The resolution establishes some deadlines for companies to adapt according to their number of beneficiaries. Medical plans (with or without dentistry) will have the following terms:

  • Over 100 thousand beneficiaries, three months;
  • Between 10 thousand and 99,999 customers, six months;
  • Below 10 thousand, 12 months.

For dental plans, the following terms apply:

  • Over 20 thousand beneficiaries, three months;
  • Between 5 thousand and 19,999, six months;
  • Below 5 thousand, 12 months.

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How to compare health plans online

As we mentioned before, it is not new that the offer in the sector is huge, so, thinking about making life easier for the consumer, ANS created an online platform that compares health plans.

The site displays essential information when hiring an operator, such as the accredited hospital network and the maximum price the company can charge.

On the page, you can also find all the plans available on the market. In addition, the platform provides information on the performance of medical-hospital operators in different qualification indicators.

Click on our step-by-step guide on how to compare health plans through the ANS website.

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